source of light and power, W

linear fluorescent lamp (Т8) • (G13) 18; 36; 58

rated voltage, V

230 AC

protection level

65; IР65

electrical protection class


mechanical durability


power factor compensation


ambient temperature

-20°С...+40°С (NF4)

Lighting fixture is used for general lighting of industrial, administrative, commercial, agricultural and other premises and for metro.

Housing: extruded aluminum profile. Side covers: plastic. Reflector (modification): sheet steel. Light-transparent protective element - pipe (IР65): light-stabilized polycarbonate. Control gear: mounted electronic ballast. Cable gland: 1pc. Delivery set: lighting fixture, attached electrical cable (L = 1m) for modification -ХХ1, - ХХ2; on request - lamps. Source of light: linear fluorescent lamps (Т8) type L-18W, L-36W, L-58W (Osram) - 1 or 2pcs. or the same ones.
  • delivery set for modification -ХХ1, - ХХ2 has already attached electrical cable length of up to 1m - greatly simplified wiring;
  • electronic ballast: operation temperature -20ОС, no stroboscopic effect, blinking and noise, long lamp's life cycle, high power factor;
  • high IP-requirements;
  • weather-proof - long life cycle.
Installation: on hook (1), on horizontal pipe Ø25...28mm (2), on horizontal mounting profile (3), on supporting surface using screws, threaded rods or bolts М6 (4).
Network connection:
Network connection - individual cable Ø6...12mm (core section 1,5...4mm2).
Order example:
VАТRА LSP02U-2х36-113 NF4 decoding of modification:
1 figure • protection level:
1- IP65, sealing by pipe
2- 6'5, sealing by lamp

2 figure • installation:
1- by using node suspension
2- by using bracket

3 figure • design version:
1- without reflector; with power cable (L = up to 1m)
2- with reflector; with power cable (L = up to 1m)
3- without reflector
4- with reflector


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