DBB27U Selena-LED-1

source of light and power, W

LEDs • 6; 8; 10; 12

rated voltage, V

230 AC

protection level


electrical protection class.


mechanical durability


correlated colour temperature

2500...3750K; 3750...4750K; 4750...7000K

power factor compensation


ambient temperature

-20°С...+40°С (N3)

Lighting fixture is used for general lighting of industrial, commercial, administrative, warehouses and other premises.

Housing: aluminum alloy. Decorative moulding: ABS plastic (colour on request - red, green, blue, white, grey). Light-transparent protective element: light-stabilized polycarbonate. Control gear: mounted electronic power supply. Cable gland: 1pc. Source of light: LEDs. Delivery set: lighting fixture with LEDs, special key for anti-vandal version.
  • common and anti-vandal versions are possible;
  • source of light - energy efficient LEDs (more than 50 000 hours of continuous work), ecological harmless, don't need special recycling (without mercury), instant light on/light off, stable to change of voltage, multiple on/off, high colour rendering; no harmful effect of low-frequency pulses, no UV radiation;
  • high IP-requirements;
  • weather-proof - long life cycle.
Installation: on supporting surface using screws, threaded rods or bolts..
Network connection: individual, cable Ø3,5...7mm (core section 1,5...2,5mm2) or wires (core section 1,5...2,5mm2)
Order example:
VATRA DBB27У-10-017 N3 Selena-LED-1 decoding of modification:
1 figure • 0
2 figure • 1
3 figure • design version:
1-, 2-, 3-, 4- common
5-, 6-, 7-, 8- anti-vandal


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