source of light and power, W

metal-halide lamp • (Е40) 250; 400

sodium lamp • (Е40) 250; 400; 600

rated voltage, V

230 AC

protection level

IР23; IP23+grid; IP65

electrical protection level


mechanical durability


power factor compensation (PFC)

0,5; 0,6; 0,85

ambient temperature

-40°С...+40°С (N3; Т3)

Lighting fixture is used for lighting industrial, agricultural, commercial, warehouse and other premises. Lighting fixtures (protection level IP65) can be used in hazardous areas of zone 22 and fire risk classes.

Housing: aluminum alloy. Light-transparent protective element (IP65): heat-resistant silicate glass. Protective grid (modification): steel wire. Reflector: aluminum sheet or sheet steel (modification). Control gear: mounted electro-magnetic ballast (Vatra). Cable glands: 1 or 2pcs. Delivery set: lighting fixture, on request - lamp, mounting unit (look mounting scheme).
  • design of electro-magnetic ballast (Vatra) counts on continuous operation in abnormal conditions;
  • mounted control gear and two cable glands make possible quick transit connection to power supply line and reduce installation costs;
  • individual reactive power compensation, high coefficient of efficiency;
  • high IP-requirements;
  • weather-proof - long life cycle.
Sources of light - gas-discharge lamps:
  • metal-halide lamps HQI-E 250, HQI-T 250 (Osram), HQI-E 400 (only for ballast HQI) (Osram), MASTER HPI Plus 400 Bu (Philips)
  • sodium lamps NAV-E 250, NAV-T 250 4Y, NAV-T 250, NAV-E 400, NAV-T 400 4Y, NAV-T 400 (Osram), MASTER SON-T PIA Plus 250, SON-T Pro 250, MASTER SON-T PIA Plus 400, SON-T Pro 400, SON-T Plus 600 (Philips)
  • or the same ones.
  • (A1) on hook (1), horizontal mounting profile (2), on vertical mounting profile (3), on rope (4), on request on screwed pipe G3/4-B (5).
  • (A2) on horizontal pipe Ø25...28mm. Recommended installation height:
GSP 250W, JSP 250W - 5...10m GSP 400W, JSP 400(600)W - 8...15m
Network connection: transit or individual, cable Ø6...12mm (core section 1,5...4mm2).
Order example:
VATRA GSP04V-400-177 N3 decoding of modification:
1 figure • design version:
0- non-compensate, two cable glands, facet reflector
1- compensate, two cable glands, facet reflector
2- compensate, one cable gland, facet reflector
5- non-compensate, two cable glands, non-facet reflector
6- non-compensate, one cable gland, non-facet reflector
7- compensate, two cable glands, non-facet reflector (or facet reflector for lamps MHL 250W, MHL 400W, SL 250W, SL 400W)
8- compensate, one cable gland, non-facet reflector (or facet reflector for lamps MHL 250W, MHL 400W, SL 250W, SL 400W)
9- non-compensate, one cable gland, facet reflector

2 figure • protection level:
7- IР65
9- IР23 without grid
10- Р23 with grid

3 figure • light distribution curve, material and type of reflector: - for lamp SL 600W:
1- concentrate, aluminum
2- deep, aluminum
3-cosine, steel - for lamp MHL 250W, MHL 400W, SL 250W, SL 400W:
4-concentrate, for lamp SL 400W, MHL 400W - aluminum, non-facet with rings
5-concentrate, aluminum, non-facet
6- deep, for lamp SL 400W, MHL 400W aluminum, facet without rings
7- deep, aluminum, facet with rings
8- cosine, steel, facet with rings, enamel powder


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