source of light and power, W

metal-halide lamp • (K12s-36) 1000; 2000

rated voltage, V

230 AC; 380 АС

protection level


electrical protection class.


mechanical durability


power factor compensation


ambient temperature

-40°С...+40°С (N1)

Floodlight is used for lighting stadiums, architectural buildings, airports, highways and other open areas.

  1. Lighting unit (LU)
  2. Mounted control gear: instant restrike igniter or impulse starter.
  3. Unrelated control gear: electro-magnetic ballast, capacitors, automatic switching on and terminal clamps in control box (CB) or on ballast’s board for installation in electric box.
Housing: LU – aluminum alloy, CB – sheet steel. Reflector (LU): aluminum sheet of high quality. Light-transparent protective element (LU) (modification):
  • plain transparent heat-resistant borofloat glass (thickness 4 mm).
  • plain matt diffusing chemically-proof glass (thickness 2 mm).
Protection against dazzle LU (modification):
  • mounted steel screen.
  • diffusing (matt) glass.
  • mounted screen and difuusing glass
Protective grid (LU): stainless steel. Fixing elements (LU): stainless steel. Mounting harp (LU): rolled steel. Cable glands: LU – 1pc., CB – 4pcs. Delivery set:
  • LU with instant restrike igniter or impulse starter CB or ballast’s board – include in order limbs (horizontal or vertical) – 1pc. per 50 floodlights
  • optical device – 1 pc. per object
  • on request - lamp.
Source of light: gas-discharge metal-halide lamps POWERSTAR HQI-TS 1000 W/D/S, POWERSTAR HQI-TS 2000 W/D/S (Osram).
  • high light-technical characteristics, perfect quality of light;
  • angle of deflection is supplied using horizontal or vertical limbs;
  • special optical device for lighting unit steering;
  • photometric characteristics allow lighting’s computing;
  • instant restrike igniter is used for lamp’s ignition in hot conditions or brief power breakdown;
  • flameproof;
  • special protective covering of reflector, high IP-requirements, stable and long life cycle (not less 20 years).
LU – on horizontal or vertical supporting surface, harp up or down, CB – on horizontal supporting surface or on vertical supporting surface, cable glands - down.
Network connection - individual:
  • LU - cable Ø8...13mm (core section 2,5...4mm2).
  • CB - cable Ø10...16mm (core section 2,5...4mm2).
Order example:
VATRA GO12V-2000-323 N1 decoding of modification:
1 figure • 1...6- lighting characteristic of optical
2 figure • lamp ignition (mounted control gear):
1- hot and cold (with instant restrike igniter)
2- cold (with impulse starter)

3 figure • protection against dazzle:
1- screen
2- wihout
3- screen and diffusing glass
4- diffusing glass


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