source of light and power, W

electrodelless lamp with electronic ballast (Е40) • 50

compact fluorescent lamp with electronic ballast (Е27) • 65; 85

sodium lamp (Е40) 100

rated voltage, V

230 AC

protection level


hazardous areas

1; 2; 21; 22

marking Ex (gas - dust)

II 2G Ex de IIC T5 Gb - II 2D Ex tb IIIC T90° Db

II 2G Ex de IIC T6 Gb - II 2D Ex tb IIIC T80° Db

electrical protection class.


mechanical durability


power factor compensation

0,4; 0,8; 0,9

ambient temperature

FSP (IndL): -40°С...+40°С (N1)

FSP (CFL): -15°С...+40°С (N3.1)

JSP, RSP: -40°С...+40°С (N1); -60°С...+40°С (NF1)

Explosion-proof lighting fixture (protection level 1Ex) is used for general lighting highly explosive areas 1, 2 and fire risk classes; and also hazardous areas of zones 21, 22 e.g industrial areas as oil-refining, gas chemical, woodwork and other industries.

Housing: aluminum alloy. Light-transparent protective element - cap: heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Protective grid (modification): steel. Reflector (modification): steel. Control gear (JSP): mounted electro-magnetic ballast (Vatra). Cable glands: 1 or 2pcs. Delivery set: lighting fixture, on request lamp, mounting element (look mounting scheme). Sources of light:
• compact fluorescent lamps (up 65 W) with mounted electronic ballast (Lmax. = 280mm), up to 85W (Lmax. = 280mm)
• electrodeless lamp with mounted electronic ballast VENUS LVD-ZWJY-220V/50-50 Е40 (LVD) (Lmax. = 261mm, max.Ø115mm)
• gas-discharge lamps - sodium lamps NAV-T 100, NAV-E 100 (Osram)
or the same ones.
  • input is connected with the housing by steel screwed plug (bushing) which is provided construction resistance and is kept screwed explosion slot size;
  • the best power/ temperature class/ weight ratio;
  • electrodeless lamp (FSP): energy efficient, high energy and luminous efficiency, instant start/restart, stable to multiple on/off, high colour rendering, operation at low temperatures, lamp's life cycle - nearly 10 000 hours, ecological harmless;
  • FSP: compact fluorescent lamp: high energy and luminous efficiency, no stroboscopic effect;
  • individual power factor compensation, high coefficient of efficiency;
  • high IP-requirements;
  • weather-proof - long life cycle;
  • two cable glands make possible quick transit connection to power supply line.
• transit (1) on horizontal (1.1) or vertical (1.2) mounting profile; on request: on hook (1А - 1А.1), on horizontal pipe with outer Ø25...28mm (1В), using rotary harp on horizontal (1C - 1С.1) or vertical (1C - 1С.2) surfaces at an angle min 30О- max 60О, on support bracket at an angle 30°
(1D - 1D.1), on horizontal surface (1E).

• individual (2) - on screwed pipe G3/4-В (2.1), on vertical mounting profile (2.2).
Recommended installation height: 3...5m, for lower premises - modifications -231, -232, -431, -432, -631, -632.
Network connection: transit, cable Ø8...12mm or individual, cable Ø8...16mm (core section1,5...4mm2).
Order example:
VATRA JSP21VЕх-100-432 NF1 decoding of modification:
1 figure •
1- individual, without reflector and protective grid
2- transit, without reflector and protective grid
3- individual, with protective grid
4- transit, with protective grid
5- individual, with reflector and protective grid
6- transit, with reflector and protective grid
7- individual, with reflector
8- transit, with reflector

2 figure •
1- on screwed pipe G3/4-B, on vertical mounting profile
3- on vertical or horizontal mounting profile

3 figure •
1- without power factor compensation
2- with power factor compensation
see attached XLS


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