source of light and power, W

LEDs • 50; 60; 70; 80; 90

rated voltage, V

230 AC, 230 DC

protection level


hazardous areas

2; 21; 22

marking Ex (gas - dust)

II 3G Ex nA nC IIC T5 Gc - II 3D Ex tc IIIC T100°С Dc

electrical protection class.


mechanical durability


correlated colour temperature (CCT)


power factor compensation (PFC)


ambient temperature

-40°С...+40°С (N2)

Explosion-proof lighting fixture is used for lighting highly explosive area 2 and fire risk classes as to marking and hazardous areas of zones 21, 22 e.g. industrial areas of oil- refining, gas, chemical, woodwork and other industries.

  • operating range of AC voltage 100...305V, DC voltage 142...431V;
  • high level of dust and moisture protection;
  • weatherproof - long life cycle;
  • energy efficient LEDs (more than 50 000 hours of continuous work), ecological harmless, don't need special recycling (without mercury), instant light on/light off, stable to change of voltage, multiple on/off, high colour rendering; no harmful effect of low-frequencypulses, no UV radiation;
  • 2 cable glands for electrical cable - transit electrical connection in the line;
Electrical block’s housing: extruded anodize aluminum profile.
Side covers: non-flammable plastic.
Optical system’s housing: aluminum alloy.
Light-transparent protective element - optical lens: silicate glass.
Control gear: mounted electronic power supply.
Cable gland: 1 or 2pcs.
Source of light: LEDs

Delivery set: lighting fixture with LEDs, on request mounting elements.

  • (А) on supporting surface with turning lira
  • (В) using universal fixing knot:
• on horizontal or vertical mounting profile
• on horizontal pipe Ø25...28mm
• on horizontal rope
• on hooks

Recommended installation high: to 12m.

Network connection: individual or transit:
  • cable gland with thread G1/2" for not armored cable Ø7...13mm (core section to 4mm2).
  • cable gland with thread М20х1,5 for armored cabl Ø9,5...15,9mm (core section to 4mm2).
Order example:
VATRA DSP57U2Ex-80- 341 N2 decoding of modification:
1 figure • light distribution curve:
1- concentrate
2- deep
3- cosine
4- half wide

2 figure • network connection:
1- individual, armored cable
2- individual, not armored cable
3- transit (in line), armored cable
4- transit (in line), not armored cable

3 figure • installation:
1- on supporting surface with rotary harp
2- with universal fixing knot:
• on horizontal or vertical mounting profile
• on horizontal pipe Ø25...28mm
• on horizontale rope
• on hooks

see attached XLS


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