VATRA Corporation produces lightning fixtures of wide usage. Our products present on lightning market for more than 50 years. We present various products on lightning markets using different sources of light (LED, compact luminescent lamps, metal halide lamps, incandescent lamps). Our own manufacturing helps us to modern and update lightning fixtures. Our goods assortment presents the whole gamut of lightning from mines, industrial factories to parks and squares.

VATRA Corporation is lightning manufacturing company. We model, design and produce lightning fixtures.

In 1965 company began to produce only lightning fixture. We designed new lightning fixtures for chemical and mining industries in that time. In 1975 our company started ballast production. We put into production powerful floodlights in 1978. In 1982 we built up instrumental manufacturing.

At the turn of the Millennium we updated our range of products and designed lots of new lightning fixtures and floodlights for lightning hazardous areas. In 2006 our company began to make LED lightning fixtures.

We are the company that follows all the latest news in lightning industry. Our engineers design new lightning fixtures. Products variety can run any requirements in many spheres. Explosion-proof lighting fixtures can be used in ambient temperature and hazardous environmental conditions. Besides we present new lightning fixtures with LEDs that provide comfort light.

Industrial lightning fixtures have high IP-requirements and can be used in different industries.

Floodlights have high-effective parabolic reflectors. They are used for lightning open and close spaces. Floodlights have various designs with high intensive sources of light and high protection level.

Administrative lightning fixture widely use in offices and other buildings, provide comfort and energy-saving lightning. Green territories and parks lightning is presented as modern design lightning fixtures.

Our manufacturing facilities include foundry, plastic manufacturing, machining, stamping and welded, instrumental manufacturing and electro-painting.

Foundry is specialized on processing aluminum alloy casting: hard-textured, high purity surface, different structure, with decorative surfaces.

Plastics manufacturing are produced plastic details using castings method under thermoplastic details pressure, direct and prompt thermoset moving, machining processing.

Machining manufacturing is produced casting details processing on universal and multihead machines.

Stamping and welded uses deep-drawing processing; stamping with rolled stock and welding in the carbonic acid and argon surrounding.

Instrumental manufacturing presses dies and stamps; plastic details development.

Electro-painting uses airstream and electrostatic atomization processing. Details can be in different coverings: chromizing, zinc plating, phhatazing.

We cooperate with many foreign companies such as “Vossloh Schwabe” (Germany), “Alanod” (Germany), “Almeco” (Italy), “Mettaluk” (Germany), “TM Technologie” (Poland). We take part in different specialized tenders, exhibitions and hold conferences.

Nowadays our company is the biggest manufacturer of lightning fixture in CSI. We cover all requirements in Ukraine and increase export in other countries. Company pays attention to producing energy-efficient lightning fixtures using high intensity, modern sources of light.

   Our products correspond to Ukrainian certification system. Quality control system certifies by ISO 9001.

    VATRA Corporation – DIALux partner


Our company takes part in international exhibition “InterLight” (Moscow), “Elcom” Ukraine. Our representatives visit international exhibition “Light+Building” (Germany, Frankfurt-am-Main).


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